Professor Benamar‏‏ Mohamed Amine 

Word of the University’s President
In order for nations to meet the challenges, they must ensure the conditions and factors for the renaissance of which science is considered as the backbone and the university as the first institution. The latter plays a leading role in laying the foundations for development, preparing generations capable of assuming responsibility and providing the knowledge necessary for effective and insightful economic growth.
Based on this, the Algerian state has given paramount importance to higher education and scientific research. This has been made explicit through the directives of the higher state authorities, and the President of the Republic. This is what inspires our university to pursue this ambition to succeed and excel in all fields and on all sides. This will implement the strategic objectives entrusted to it in the sectoral program of higher education and scientific research.
Today, and more than ever, the university needs to strengthen its creative capacities and encourage the spirit of research and innovation. To develop a strategic plan that takes into account the passage from the quantitative stage of training to the qualitative and effective stage. Good governance is taken into account, education distinguished and qualitative scientific research. This allows the university to play an influential role in its economic and social environment as well as in its national and international domain.
We are all determined and convinced to work tirelessly to make the University of Adrar a distinguished pole and scientific beacon, as well as an edifice of university life where there is participation and homogeneity between all components. University staff with the sole objective: unity of vision and work for an influential university responding to local and national aspirations, without forgetting its African dimension, particularly in the context of new trends.