Adrar University students participate in the International Exhibition of Agriculture in Algiers.

During the International Exhibition of Agriculture, Livestock, and Agricultural Industries, held at the Exhibition Palace in Algiers from May 22nd to May 25th, 2023, students from the University of Adrar actively participated and showcased their innovative projects. Students Belbali Khaled Reda and Yousefate Moulay Ali, under the supervision of Pr. Keloum Sliman, the director of the Energy, Environment, and Information Systems Laboratory at the University of Adrar, presented a project involving the invention of a device that produces organic fertilizer from palm waste. The project underwent several manufacturing stages. This university-incubated innovative project, along with other projects of significant scientific and economic importance, aligns with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s policies aimed at establishing a startup institution and promoting an innovation certificate.


Translated by Hammoudi Ichrak

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