In an additional gain for the University of Adrar, the Ministry of Higher Education has approved the establishment of the Stimulus and Industrial Methods Laboratory.

In another significant addition to the University of Adrar, the research laboratory map has been enriched with a new laboratory according to Ministerial Decision No. 206 dated May 3, 2023. This decision includes the establishment of research laboratories at some higher education institutions. The ministerial decision approved the establishment of the Stimulus Materials and Industrial Methods Laboratory at Ahmed Drayia University.

The decision to establish the Stimulus and Industrial Methods Laboratory came after reviewing the opinion of the Scientific Council of the Thematic Research Agency for Science and Technology, held on December 21, 2022. It was based on the proposal of the University President, who emphasized that the University of Adrar has gained significant added value in terms of scientific research laboratories. This achievement is among the primary objectives set by its administration as part of its project to develop the university institution.

University President, Pr. Benamar Mohamed El Amine, also added that the establishment of scientific research laboratories aims to elevate the level of education and enables the opening of new specializations for students at the undergraduate (bachelor’s) and master’s levels, as well as in postgraduate studies. It directly contributes to increasing the production of high-quality scientific knowledge and assists the university institution in further opening up to the economic, social, and developmental environment.


Translated by Mebarki Fatima Zohra.

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