Rectorate Evaluates and Directs the Functioning of the Services of the General Secretariat of the University

On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, Professor ADJERFFOUR Nourddine Rector of the University, oversaw an evaluation and orientation meeting for the services of the four sub-directorates of the General Secretariat to the conference room of the Secretariat, in order to monitor the functioning and improvement of the performance of its services, and in preparation for the decentralization and the independence of management of faculties.
    The Vice-Rectors, the Secretary-General of the University, the Sub-Directors and the General Secretaries of faculties, as well as the Director of the Central Library and the Officer of the Centre for Networks and Automated Information Systems, attended the meeting which focused on:
1. Personnel file and their distribution across services, administrations and faculties.
2. Financial file, Balance, Public Procurement and Financial Position of the Company.
3. the maintenance and hygiene file, as well as the provision of educational and scientific resources.
4.  File of distance learning, televised teaching and all relevant questions.
5. File of the treatment of concerns and complaints of members of the academic family.
At the end of this important meeting, the Rector urged everyone to make every effort to achieve the desired and set objectives.
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