The university presidency examines ways to address the various concerns of the university family


Acting upon instruction of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which includes securing the stability of university institutions and ensuring the normal functioning of the current academic year on the pedagogical and service levels .
The university director  Dr. Edgerfour Noureddine headed  the meeting of the university’s directorate’s board on the morning of Sunday February 07, 2021, in the presence of the vice-chancellors, the deans of the colleges, the representative of the university’s general secretary, as well as the director of the central library. During his intervention, the Director stressed the need to solve all problems and issues related to students, professors, employees and workers, and even actually began to addres them, provided that they are settled within the next 48 hours.
He also stressed the importance of interaction and communication with the Listening and Coordination Cell headed by the Deputy Director for Development, Foresight and Guidance, which was established specifically for this purpose. Finally, he  recommended the imperative to be vigilant and foresight to avoid any problems that might negatively affect the normal course of the university year.


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