UniKragujevac, Erasmus+KA107 Calls, mobility in the summer semester

– University of Adrar  –
Dear colleagues,
I hereby inform you that we have just announced Erasmus+ Calls for mobility of our candidates at your institution. The application deadline will be November 8. In the text of the Call for staff members we will state that it is necessary for staff candidates to have an invitation letter from the institution for which they are applying, thus you may expect to be contacted by potential candidates from the University of Kragujevac.

Also, I am pleased to inform you that you can also announce Erasmus+ Calls for the mobility of your candidates, both students and staff. In the attachment of this message I am sending you the students guide, as well as a mini brochure with all relevant information about the University of Kragujevac and instructions for announcing the Call and nominating candidates.

Mobility type
From Algeria to Serbia
Average mobility duration
Travel days
Grant (Scholarship)
Travel grant
(distance band: 500 -1999 km)
SMS – student mobility for studies
5 months
800 euros per month
275 euros per participant
STA – staff mobility for teaching
5 days
2 days
140 euros per day
275 euros per participant
STT – staff mobility for training
5 days
2 days
140 euros per day
275 euros per participant
Please be aware that these are the available mobility numbers for all our partners in Algeria (7 higher education institutions). Since we want to equally distribute mobilities among our partner institutions, we would like to ask you to nominate at least two candidates for SMS mobility, and at least one candidate for STA and STT mobility. After we receive nominations from all partner institutions from Algeria, we will inform you of the final selection of candidates.
According to our Inter-institutional agreement, you may nominate candidates from the following fields:
– 0230 (English and French): MA and PhD students, STA
For STT mobility we highly recommend to nominate an administrative staff member, dealing with Erasmus+ mobility program.
In your nominations, please rank the candidates, because we want to take into account your evaluations.
We hope that your students and employees will be interested in applying for a mobility at the University of Kragujevac.

When you publish Calls for mobility of your candidates, please send us links to websites where those are published.

Please send us your official nominations by e-mail, to this address, by November 30, 2021. If you are interested in organizing online promotional activities, we will be happy to participate.

Of course, for all your questions and concerns, we are at your disposal!

Best regards from Kragujevac,


Erasmus+ UNIKG ka107 students guide


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